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Honey Bee Fondant

The ingredients for the fondant are as follows.

5 lbs. of sugar

1 cup of water

1 tbsp. of vinegar

a cap full of honey bee healthy, if desired.


Cook to 235 degrees and poor slowly into an aluminum pan to the desired thickness. You can easily double the recipe.


Terry Norman

Honey Bee Candy Recipe


Feeding your bees through the winter can be the difference between survival and collapse. An easy and convenient way to feed is with hard bee candy. Candy blocks can be placed over frames with a piece of newspaper to cover and reduce condensation.  Replace as needed until spring flow begins.



-5 lbs granulated sugar

-1 cup H2O

-1T vinegar

-1 cap full of honey b healthy


Gas cooker, large deep pot, heavy gloves, candy thermometer, long stirrer, aluminum foil pans (1-2"deep either square or rectangular, vegetable oil spray

Directions (we usually make 20lbs per batch)

-heat water to boil

-add sugar, vinegar, and honey b healthy

-Heat and stir to hard ball or soft crack 260-270 degrees

-cover ground, this part gets messy but the bees will clean up spills

- spray pans lightly with vegetable oil spray

- pour carefully into pans and let cool (we freeze for later use)

- remove from pans when completely cool

Good luck this winter!


Keith & Ann Powell



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